Some guidelines for Puppy Listing

At Hawaii dog breeders, we value our sellers and want to make the process as simple as possible. However, to keep our marketplace running properly for our puppy buyers, we have a few guidelines to follow for posting listings.

To create a listing, fill out the information about the puppy, like his or her name, breed, age, and personality. Then include your contact information, like your phone number and an email. Then add a picture or pictures of the puppy you’re selling. Pictures of the puppy from different angles, and doing different activities are recommended. We encourage you to also include pictures of the puppy’s parents. Do not include pictures of other puppies for sale or your ad will be removed immediately. If you would like to sell more than one puppy, you must create a listing under litters( different fee). After creating your ad, you can check out with a credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover) via Paypal. Ads are only $18.00 each, and you may post as many as you need.  At no time will Hawaii Dog breeders request to confirm your account once it is created, nor ask for your login information for any reason. If you receive a notice or an email that your account must be confirmed, check-in with us.

How Cusotmers will reach you?

Customers will contact you directly through the contact information you provided. You can update the puppy’s pictures as often as you’d like, but cannot change the title or breed once the listing has been created. The ad will automatically go offline after 45 days unless you renew. We reserve the right to edit or delete any individual ad for impropriety or misuse of the guidelines.

Single Puppy ad vs Litter Announcement

You may only advertise one puppy per advertisement. Any ad with language indicating that there are more puppies in the litter for sale or pictures of other puppies besides the one specified in the ad copy will be deleted with no refund. Any ads that were created, and then modified to indicate that there are multiple puppies for sale will be deleted with no refund. Each ad is only for a single puppy, not a litter. If you have multiple puppies in a litter for sale, you must create an ad for each puppy in the litter. Also not permitted is switching an ad to a different puppy once that puppy is sold.

You can list your litter of puppies with bitch and puppies as well as a stud! No ads shall be used for multiple litters. The litter fee is $45.